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Dream Hog Paranormal was created after the spirits began to tell us about the Dream Hogs and why they live behind us in a place we cannot see. We did a great deal of research trying to document the phrase Dream Hogs but nothing was available on the subject. We contacted other paranormal groups and asked if they had heard of the term Dream Hogs.

Not one of them could tell us they had ever heard of the term Dream Hogs and began to ask us about them. That is when we decided to launch this site to educate as many people about them and their purpose. Please read What is a Dream Hog and learn for yourself what their purpose is.

In the upper left corner of this page you can see a Dream Hog standing in the center of the door. She has a yellow top on with a short dress with black boots on. She has short blonde hair and is staring right at you. Her name is Jessica Gibbons and we have communicated many, many times with her.

For those of you that don't believe we can only say listen to your inner voices and try to pay attention to your dreams. This is a place where the door is open between us and the spiritual world. This is were the Dream Hogs will do their best to kill you or corrupt your soul. They will try to have sex with you and convince you to do something to harm yourself or others.

This was not something we made up but the spirits told us about this over the course of a year investigating the paranormal.

If you see a picture of something standing behind a person such as the one on this page you too have captured a Dream Hog.

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Home - About Us - Contact Us - Do You Need Help? - Galleries - Projects - What is a Dream Hog?

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