What is a Dream Hog

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The Dream Hog is a 7th level demon. He (or she) lives behind you in the place you cannot see. To be a Dream Hog, they must have committed murder when they were alive. They come to you in your dreams because it is a step through from beyond. They use your dreams against you and try to have sex with you, or worse, to kill you in your sleep.

Each person has a Dream Hog assigned to them just like a guardian angel. They are out to cause problems and to corrupt your soul. Their only goal is to get you to sin. They will try to talk to you in your sleep, if you are very quiet you can hear them. It sounds like someone turning the radio real fast. Listen for a change in tones like the pressure changing. If you are in a warm room and you get the chills or the hair on the back of your neck stands up, that is a good sign of a spirit hugging you or holding on to you. This is a typical sign of the presence of a Dream Hog.

If you have bad dreams, and the dreams are of people or monsters trying to kill you, that is a good sign of one of them trying to harm you. Another thing to be concerned with is a man or woman trying to have sex with you in your dreams. This is very important, do not allow yourself to give in to them. If you have sex with a demon you will go straight to hell.

Since this information was brought to my attention, I began to ask other paranormal groups if they have ever heard of a Dream Hog. They have all told me no. I asked my priest and he has never heard of the expression of a Dream Hog. In the bible it talks about dealing with ghosts and not to allow yourself to be corrupted by them. There are prayers that can help you get rid of them. (Check out the prays that we have posted).

When you see pictures of a live person and a ghost or spirit is seen right behind them, that is a Dream Hog. They are not there to protect you. They are the evil that speak into your ear trying to make you do things you know are not right. They are watching you, so you better be aware that what you do they see and will use against you in your dreams. It is truly like the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other.


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